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    Innovative Style

    Designed With Passion & Engineering Excellence To Create a comfort Sensation

  • Exacting Standards

    With The Art Of Designer Marcel Volante

    Working with engineers who are used to making robotics, gives Volante motion sofas almost silent, sturdy, innovative and fabulously comfortable luxury seating.

  • Share The Volante Dream

    Now The most stylish and contemporary sofas in the world can incorporate the highest levels of comfort with craftsman quality.


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    Couture Corner Sofas

    The flair of Italian desig in Volante.

    Three Way Power Motion Seating

    World Firsts In Functionallity, fabrics & manufacturer standards.

  • Function & Design

    Corner Chaise Sofa Or Chair.

    Reclining Or Static A Volante Sofa Will Bring Art To Your Comfort

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    Triple Function Innovated By Volante Sofa

    With Power Head rests that rise vertically and can be tilted forward along with glide forward whisper quiet power reclining mechanisms that incorporate an extending bar neatly tucked underneath revealing itself only when needed.

    Off the floor or floating designs bringing the latest contemporary styling into your sofa.

    Technologically advanced leather process and fabrics that combine the ultimate luxury and style with longevity.

    This is also true of the construction and seat interiors that feature foam encapsulated pocket sprung interiors, anti-sag innovative foams along with hardwood frames.

    Developed by robotic engineers the power mechanisms innovate bringing new levels of function and comfort as well as long-lasting reliability to Volante sofas.

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    Keeping Things Simple.

    Marcel Volante Designer holds an ethos of simplicity in design.

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    Modular Sectional

    Create a comfort station of unlimited size with multiple modular reclining seating. Add further comfort with our power rising headrests which come in both vertical and vertical to horizontal styles. With glide forward whisper quiet reclining mechanisms Volante Sofa are proud to create sofas and corner groups among most stylish and comfortable in the world.

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    Couture Fabrics

    With a fabulous metallic sheen and an ambience of Renaissance styling Volante is proud to present a range of stunning couture fabrics including french velvet. Other popular choices include Alcantara or chenille fabrics.

    Volante Sofa fabric covers have all been heavily and intensively tested all been rated to 100,000 rub test at least.

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    Inside A Volante Sofa

    Look at the image this is inside the seat of a Volante Suite.

    From top to bottom you have naturally the exquisite genuine leather or high quality designer fabric, then a layer of soft comfortable foam covering the enclosed pocket springs which are duel layered.

    The edges of the seat cushion are set with a higher density foam for extra support and keeping the shape.

    Under the seat you can see

    a combination of elasticated strap webbing, steel Z springs which are also called anti-sag and some cable cross supports.

    All this is firmly anchored to a kiln finished cedar hardwood frame inset.

    Volante sofas believe this is the best most comfortable and reliable way to produce sofa seating.

  • Some Of Our Designs

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    Volante Skyline

    At The forefront of sofa design, Volante Sofa presents a model that innovates, excites and amazes combining the latest mechanisms with the art of designer Marcel Volante.

    Headrests that Power up electronically and travel extra forward by ratchet to give head support even in a reclined position.

    Simplicity of shape and form an ethos championed by designer Marcel Volante.

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    Volante Favara

    Favara by designer Marcel Volante .

    A design of true future inspired ambiance while combining comfortably gliding forward power reclining mechanisms. The arms and headrests can be bent to upright or horizontal positions by the user to create there own style and comfort. with an anthracite metal feature that comes from the leg up and along the side to give this fabulously contemporary Volante sofa set a unique and ultra stylish look.

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    Volante Marina

    Elegant slim while offering large seat accommodation. Offering great value for money Volante Marina is an opportunity to bring couture styling and Volante sofa high Quality to your space for a modest budget.

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    Volante Pescara

    Power up and forward headrests combined with a glide forward reclining mechanism that has a fully extending function suitable and comfortable for users of any height. This full-size proportion supercool model features innovation like pocket sprung foam interiors. The onyx finish metal legs and matching recliner control button finish this ultra stylish modern Volante Pescara corner sofa group fabulously.

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    Volante Sofa

    A combination of art passion and engineering to create the ultimate comfort sensation.

    Volante Sofa is a registered trademark.

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    Feature Swivel Chairs

    With nine individual functions and the highest level of engineering experience the recliner chairs among the best in the world.

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    Feature Swivel Chairs

    Add some art to your space with a swivel feature chair in magnificent highest quality cowhide leather or Couture fabrics.

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    New Models

    The highest levels of Comfort at competitive prices with the quality assurance Volante Sofas bring

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    New Models

    With each individual seat in a section you can configure many Volante corners to suit your space and lifestyle.

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    New Models

    With an emphasis on build quality experience our premium range sofas at your nearest Volante outlet

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    New Models

    Versatile, innovative, and stylish. With sprung seat interiors you can be assured of long-lasting comfort.

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  • Created By Artisans

    Crafted with care and passion

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    Expert and precision handmade with care by artisans.

    Selecting the finest leathers and fabrics on the planet along with motors and mechanisms from the worlds most respected engineers and woods and foam of the very finest quality, can only become a true Volante masterpiece with our artisan craftsman. Combining the latest manufacturing techniques with time proven craftsmanship passed from generation to generation. When you sit on a Volante sofa all these things come together to make a piece of magic.

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    Volante registered brand your assurance of quality.

    Volante Sofas are focusing on a range of designer sofas in the latest technology fabrics. With the feel and appearance of a Nubuc leather we present a fabric with cleanable qualities that Vegans and and people with environmental and sustainability concerns can also enjoy.

  • Engineering

    With experience in the automotive and robotics world, the supplier of Volante Mechanisms provide the most advanced on the planet. With triple position motors and a smooth and sturdy action the sense of well engineered luxury is synonymous with Volante Sofas.


    One of the most stylish suites Comes at a very low price in fabulous Nubuk soft touch fabric.

    You only to get this level of quality and value from Volante Sofas

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    When classic Renaissance styling met 21st-century sleek cool contemporary design language.

    Valante Sofas making your every day exceptional.

    Clean open base with stylish metal legs, off the floor simple clean lines finished off by tag tufted Chesterfield upholstery.

    With sprung seat interiors and of a high level of comfort and resilience. 

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    Volante Sofa Ethos

    Effortless Simplicity In Design

    With headrests that power up vertically as well as pivot forward and back for high back head Support,

    Perfectly combined with glide forward reclining mechanisms that go near vertical for the most comfortable seated & relaxing experience.

    Tilting forward the headrests means while you’re almost vertical you can watch your TV or screen on the wall.

    With the Volante Sofas legendary pocket sprung seat comfort combining the ultimate in comfort with industry-leading longevity it’s incredible to think that such a simple stylish sofa can offer more than most bulky American styled alternatives.

  • Passion

    In 2006, Marcel Volante embarked on a visionary journey in the heart of Italy, establishing a designer sofa manufacturer with a mission to redefine comfort and style. From the cobblestone streets of Milan, his dream blossomed into a global venture, dedicated to crafting the most stylish, comfortable, and technologically advanced sofas the world has ever seen.


    Marcel's pursuit of excellence led him to traverse the globe, sourcing the finest materials from various countries. From the luxurious leather of Italy to the intricate fabrics of Asia, he curated a collection of premium elements for his creations. The quest didn't stop at aesthetics; Marcel scoured the globe for cutting-edge motors and technology to pioneer innovations in recliners, setting his brand apart in the industry.


    As the brand gained acclaim for its commitment to quality and design, Marcel's sofas became coveted worldwide. The couture suites and corner groups crafted by his skilled artisans adorned homes with unmatched elegance and unparalleled comfort.


    Now, in an exciting new chapter, Marcel Volante's empire is expanding into the UK. The British homes are set to embrace the fusion of Italian craftsmanship and global ingenuity, as Marcel brings his world-renowned sofas to a discerning clientele. The essence of luxury, comfort, and innovation is set to redefine living spaces across the United Kingdom, marking a new era in the legacy of Marcel Volante's designer sofa empire.

    In the picturesque hills of Italy, Marcel Volante's journey unfolded like the threads of finely woven fabric. Born into a family with a deep-rooted passion for craftsmanship, Marcel's early fascination with design set the stage for a remarkable career in the world of


    After honing his skills at several renowned Italian sofa manufacturers, Marcel's expertise blossomed, and his innovative spirit soared. His journey through different design studios exposed him to diverse styles and techniques, refining his craft and nurturing his keen eye for detail.


    In 2006, Marcel embarked on a daring venture, fueled by a vision to revolutionize the world of designer sofas. With unwavering determination, he founded his own company, marking the genesis of a new era in luxury furniture. The company was more than just a business; it was a canvas for Marcel to weave together his dreams and passion for innovative design.


    Marcel Volante's company quickly gained recognition for pushing the boundaries of what was possible in sofa design. His commitment to excellence led to the creation of the world's most advanced designer leather and fabric sofas, where each piece was a testament to artistry and technology in harmony.


    The design philosophy embraced by Marcel combined timeless elegance with cutting-edge innovation. His sofas were not merely furniture; they were statements of sophistication, each imbued with the latest technological advancements. From adjustable features to integrated smart capabilities, Marcel's creations were a seamless blend of comfort, style, and functionality.


    Word of Marcel's groundbreaking designs spread like wildfire, captivating the attention of interior designers, celebrities, and discerning homeowners worldwide. The allure of his sofas wasn't just in their aesthetic appeal but in the transformative experience they offered.


    As years passed, Marcel Volante's company continued to flourish, adapting to evolving tastes and technological trends. His commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation ensured that each new collection surpassed the previous one, setting industry standards.


    Marcel's journey from humble beginnings to pioneering the world's most advanced designer sofas serves as an inspiration. His legacy extends beyond furniture, resonating in the homes of those who appreciate the marriage of craftsmanship and technology. Today, Marcel Volante's name is synonymous with unparalleled luxury and innovation, a testament to the endless possibilities woven into the fabric of his remarkable career.


    Now in the UK and cherished by hundreds of delighted customers who have a more intelligent and considered approach to acquiring their sofa.

    Over 50% of new sales for Valante Sofa stems from recommendation of existing customers. Delighted with the Sofa that is amongst the finest in the world.